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7" Cases and Skins

We provide custom logo cases for all brands of smartphone, cellphone, tablet and laptop.

We provide solutions for thousands of businesses and schools around the world, from promotional merchandise to school tablet cases through to staff smartphone cases.

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Small tablet computers are popular among people who are frequently on the go and prefer to travel as light as possible. No matter what the brand and style, a tablet computer needs protection on the go to keep it free from damage and working at its best. At Custom Logo Cases, we offer a wide variety of protection solutions for businesses, schools and organizations.

Companies often purchase 7"" tablet computers to distribute to employees, and more and more schools are buying tablets to use to supplement traditional lessons in classrooms. Custom 7"" tablet cases and custom 7 inch tablet covers can help businesses and schools keep the tablets in which they have invested safe. Custom 7"" tablet cases are designed to protect the back and sides of the tablet, while custom 7 inch tablet covers provide protection for the front. Some logo 7 inch tablet covers are attached to cases for complete protection. Custom Logo Cases can create custom 7"" tablet cases or custom 7 inch tablet covers to suit the tablets owned by your school or business. Whether you have a single brand or tablets from a variety of manufacturers, we can fully meet your needs with our logo 7 inch tablet covers and cases.

Planning to participate in an event and want to give away tablet accessories with your logo? Choosing custom 7"" tablet cases and 7 inch custom 7 inch covers is a wise way to spend your marketing dollars. Your cases and covers will fit a wide variety of tablet designs, offering useful gifts to many prospects that you'll meet at the event.


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