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Custom iPad Cases

We make Custom iPad cases for every iPad version, and we know what works

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Custom iPad Cases and Covers

If you’re looking to promote your business effectively, branded giveaways are a must. But only when they’re done the right way.

There’s a huge difference between a poorly-manufactured, generic and unoriginal promotional item and one that’s been designed to drive sales. Pens, tote bags and business cards provide little value in the modern world of marketing. They’ve been done already.

People just aren’t interested in those products anymore. They’re boring. Cliche. Predictable.

If any business is to market their services effectively, they have to start thinking outside of the box. Return on investment isn’t generated by dishing out run-of-the-mill promotional products.

It comes from creativity. Uniqueness. That’s where our custom iPad cases come in.

What Are Custom iPad Cases?

iPad cases serve a vital function. They protect a valuable product from sustaining damage. Anybody that owns an iPad needs a case to protect it.

At trade shows and business events, virtually everybody has an iPad - or some variation of it. Most companies run their software, PR and even till systems using an iPad.

And if you’re trying to market your business to trade show attendees, why not start giving away Custom iPad cases?

Those that accept them will be parading your logo around to everybody they meet. That’s a marketing reach that would cost you thousands.

The Popularity of the iPad

When you’re handing out promotional material, you want it to be used by as many people as possible. That’s why promo-pens became so popular; everybody needs a pen.

Well, in the digital age, things are different. Not everybody needs a pen anymore. They’re typing on their laptops and tablets. And no tablet is more widely-used than the iPad. In fact, this study into internet usage found that, of all tablet-driven traffic, 97% of it came from the Apple iPad.

There’s no doubt that the iPad is dominating the tablet marketplace. And all of those people using iPads need cases. So why not capitalize on that?

By supplying those cases to people for free, you’re driving leads to your business, expanding your reach and giving consumers something that they’ll actually use. All for a fraction of the cost of digital marketing.

Our Custom iPad Cases

At CustomLogoCases, we offer an exhaustive selection of custom iPad cases - cases for every existing model of iPad, all adorned with your company’s artwork.

That way, you can offer cases to all users without worrying about whether you have the right size. We’ll even ship multiple models in one delivery, providing you with a variety of cases to stock.

When you purchase from us, we’ll also offer free artwork design services. You’ll also be able to approve the graphics prior to printing. And we’ll ship your order right to your doorstep free of charge.

Don’t worry about spending money on something you won't use, either. You can shop with complete confidence, knowing that we offer a free money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like what you’ve bought - no problem. Just send it back without paying a penny.


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4 - We make and send your customised products

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