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14 Unique Ways to Use Logo iPad Sleeves

1. Our printed iPad sleeves is a very impressive promotional giveaway item to present to prospects that you meet a trade shows. Plus, recipients will continue to see your logo repeatedly as they use their iPads, helping you to stay fresh in their minds.

2. Every company with a booth or exhibit at conventions and conferences gives away some type of item to promote their brand. Often times, these items are trinkets with very little value. Logo iPad sleeves stand out amongst these types of items and make a big impression.

3. Bring some custom iPad sleeves with you to a networking event and hand them out to people that you want to build connections with. You can even secure your business card to the logo iPad sleeves and use it to exchange information.

4. When events are held in the community, use custom iPad sleeves for prizes for games or to distribute to the crowd. High quality logo iPad sleevess will build your reputation in the community.

5. Donate logo iPad sleeves to charity groups that need merchandise for prizes and other events. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, but you'll also be marketing your company to individuals who receive the items.

6. Want to build your mailing list with ease? Offer luxury quality printed iPad sleeves as a prize for a drawing and collect names through your website, e-mail blasts, at events or in your location.

7. Any one of our printed iPad sleeves can make a wonderful thank you gift for customers. Your company can make it a policy to give one to every new client, or you can use them to periodically say thanks to existing clients.

8. Want to increase the average amount of your sales? Give away custom iPad sleeves as free gifts for purchases that beat your average sale amount.

9. Encourage current customers to tell their friends, family members and work contacts about your business by giving them a free iPad sleeve for qualified referrals.

10. Giving away holiday gifts is a generous gesture that many customers appreciate, and printed iPad sleeves make impressive gifts for all types of clients during the holiday season.

11. Even if your business prides itself on service, sometimes you fall short on delivering a great experience to every customer. Giving away an iPad sleeve with a heartfelt apology as you work to address the situation can help you appease and retain the customer.

12. Use custom iPad sleeves as incentives for employees. Promise one to anyone who achieves a goal or holds a sales contest and reward top performers with logo iPad sleeves.

13. Does your company own iPads? Purchase branded logo iPad sleeves to keep them protected from damage. You'll get the added benefit of showing off your logo to the public when your employees use their iPads in the field.

14. Having a special event for employees or customers? Have printed iPad sleeves made to give away as special party favors or souvenirs of the occasion.


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