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We make custom phone cases and covers for all phone versions. We manufacture and print a large range of styles and more

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Custom Phone Cases

Mobile phones are everywhere. A striking 95% of Americans today carry a phone in their pocket.

In the modern world of business, smartphones drive the majority of each and every customer base: social media feeds, sending emails, advertisement campaigns.

With such an enormous amount of people using their devices every single day, there opens up an incredibly powerful way for you to market your business.

All phones could benefit from having a protective case. And your business could benefit greatly by providing trade show attendees with phone cases, all printed with your company artwork.

Why Choose Custom Phone Cases?

Branded giveaways are nothing new. You’ll find plenty of sales representatives handing out stationery equipment and custom tote bags at trade shows. But people just aren’t interested in those products anymore.

When virtually all Westerners are carrying a mobile phone in their pockets, they don’t want pens and notepads. They want accessories for those very devices they treasure dearly.

But one thing that each and every one of those consumers could benefit from having is a protective phone case - embellished with your company’s artwork.

Think about it.

You’re at a trade show - biros, rulers and custom-printed highlighters being thrown at you left, right and center. You don’t really need any of those things, and you’re probably going to throw them away after the event.

And then, a new startup offers you a stylish, high-quality, protective mobile phone case. Just what you needed.

You pop the case onto the back of your phone, flaunting the startup’s artwork to everybody you meet, all the while keeping your device from sustaining damage.

Hundreds of people get to see their logo. They’re asking questions, researching the company and generating a lot of interest in that brand, all while your phone sits snug in its brand new case.

That’s an enormous marketing reach that would otherwise cost you thousands.

But it doesn’t need to cost you thousands. At CustomLogoCases, we charge the lowest rates in the business.

What’s Special About Us?

Granted, we’re not the only company that offers custom phone cases.

So why are we different?

We’re different because we offer so much more than that just manufacturing services.

Have it Your Way

Because we only produce cases for promotional purpose, we have a diverse inventory, offering models for a wide range of mobile phones.

And, if you want to offer cases for multiple phone types, we’ll ship different custom phone cases together in one delivery.

Hand-Picked for Quality

We’re pretty choosy about which cases we stock. Before purchasing any products to add to our inventory, we ensure that each and every one meets our high-quality standards.

Whichever case you purchase will have been hand-picked my our team to meet our stringent requirements, ensuring that you receive a product you’re completely happy with.

Unbeatable Prices

Many retailers boast about having the cheapest prices in the industry, but very few can actually guarantee those prices. We can.

Our prices are already affordable. But if you can find another company cheaper than us, we’ll match or beat their prices.

You can rest assured knowing that you’re making a purchase at the lowest possible price and maximising your return on investment.

Not Just a Phone Case

At CustomLogoCases, we don’t just offer phone cases: we offer services, too.

When you place an order with us, we’ll provide free graphic design services. We’ll be happy to design a logo for you from scratch or touch up an existing logo to ensure that it’s a perfect fit for your chosen case.

You’ll also have the chance to approve your design before we go ahead and manufacture your cases - all at no extra cost.

Bulk Discounts

We encourage buyers to purchase all necessary products in one, single bulk order.

That’s because we offer generous discounts on large orders, making them as affordable as possible for businesses looking to stock up on promotional products and maximise their return on investment.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Worried about overseas shipping costs? Don’t be. We’ll ship your purchase right to your doorstep, no matter what you’ve ordered - completely free of charge.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy with your product once you’ve received it, send it straight back to us and we’ll issue a full refund.


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