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Custom rotating cases and covers are specialty products that have a wide variety of uses. Schools often purchase these cases for use in classrooms, and many companies purchase them for tablet computers that are issued to employees. Because of their quality and many benefits, these rotating covers and cases can also be excellent choices for customer appreciation gifts, gifts with purchase, corporate gifts for the holidays and employee rewards. At Custom Logo Cases, we can create custom rotating cases and covers for any tablet on the market today as well as for older model tablets to fully meet your needs.

What Are Custom Rotating Cases and Covers?

Rotating covers and cases are tablet cases that have integrated viewing stands. When the viewing stands are unfolded, they allow a tablet to remain stable in an upright position. This allows for a clear view of the screen and makes the touch screen more accessible for typing and tapping. What makes custom rotating cases and covers very different from other cases and covers with viewing stands is that the cases can support the tablet in both landscape (horizontal) and profile (vertical) positions with equal ease.

Benefits of Rotating Covers and Cases

Whether you're purchasing custom rotating cases and covers for employees, students, faculty, customers or prospects, whoever is lucky enough to get to use them will receive a number of benefits. Rotating covers and cases are:

- Convenient. Being able to display a tablet upright in two positions makes it easier to play games, view videos, compose emails and documents and perform many other tasks on a tablet computer.

- Protective. In addition to being convenient, rotating covers and cases provide scratch protection for tablets, helping to extend the life of devices.

- Durable. Our custom rotating covers and cases include polycarbonate plastic shells, so they are very resistant to wear and tear. As a result, users will be able to enjoy their benefits for as long as they keep their tablets.

For your school, business and organization, custom rotating cases and covers will be beneficial, too, because rotating covers and cases are:

- Unique. If you're distributing gifts for promotional giveaways or other marketing purposes, you can be certain that custom rotating cases and covers will set you apart from your competitors.

- Valued. Because rotating covers and cases enhance the use of tablets, they have a very high perceived value. This reflects very positively upon the company or organization that distributes them. The overall quality of the custom rotating cases and covers even makes them suitable for retail sale and fundraising sales.

- Very Customizable. You can purchase our custom rotating cases and covers in a wide variety of colors, and you can have a logo design or custom graphic added at no extra charge. Bulk pricing discounts and free shipping make purchasing our custom rotating covers and cases affordable, and we have a low price beat guarantee on all of our available styles.

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